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Grupo Capoeira Brasil-Arizona has been performing to the delight of audiences for the past 9 years; during this time we have performed at a wide variety of events ranging from corporate parties, weddings, festival parades, quinceaneras and sporting events. Grupo Capoeira Brasil can be booked for any occasion! We can provide small or large performing groups of Capoeira, Samba or Maculele!

Capoeira is a martial art disguised as an improvisational dance, and was developed by African slaves on Brazilian soil roughly 500 years ago. As Arizona's premier capoeira institution for over 9 years, Capoeira Brasil Arizona prides itself in†performing the style and discipline found in capoeira's historic roots. Along with an exciting physical†performance, we†perform traditional capoeira music.

Comprised of some of the best dancers in the valley, these girls offer a visual feast with an extravagant performance of Brazilian Samba. The ensemble of a half dozen dancers radiate sheer energy and passion incorporating the beauty, grace, and spirit of authentic Brasilian Carnaval culture. Prepare yourself to become enticed within the Carnaval revelry by these incredibly gorgeous dancers performing to the hypnotic sounds of in-your-face Samba!

A lively†performance where†each†person brandishes a pair of long sticks, traditionally made from biriba wood from Brazil. As the MaculelÍ rhythm†plays on the atabaque drum, the people in the circle begin rhythmically striking the sticks together. The leader sings, and the people in the circle respond by singing the chorus of the songs.†The dancers wear grass skirts.

We partner with Arizona's premier samba band:†Grupo Liberdade is a performance group and artist collective †lead by Porangui, and is dedicated to freedom of expression through Culture, Movement & Sound. We promote COMMUNITY, LEADERSHIP & EMPOWERMENT drawing upon the traditional & contemporary rhythms of the Americas & Carribean from Brasil to Cuba and beyond.

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Past performances
Leandro Barbosa's Brazilian Bash at Maria Maria
The Walkabout at Phoenix Art Museum
Bacardi at Scottsale, Houston and Austin
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Six in Scottsdale
Club Suede
Angels and Outlaws
Phoenix Annual Parade of the Arts
Stylos at Phoenix Art Museum
Alice Coopers Christmas Pudding
Phoenix Dance Explosion†
Weddings and Quinceaneras and more!