Capoeira is a martial art disguised as an improvisational dance, and was developed by African slaves on Brazilian soil roughly 500 years ago. As Arizona's premier capoeira institution for over 13 years, Capoeira Brasil Arizona prides itself in teaching the style and discipline found in capoeira's historic roots. Along with physical training and conditioning, we teach traditional capoeira music, instruments, and the rich history of capoeira and Brazilian culture. Widely regarded as one of the best martial arts to get you in shape, capoeira will test the limits of your body and mind no matter your experience or age. If you desire more in life and want to experience the world in a new and exciting way, we challenge you to challenge yourself!

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Founder of Capoeira Brasil Arizona, Professora Borboleta has been teaching Capoeira for over 13 years in the valley.

Borboleta, also known as Angelique Starks, started her physical career as a show girl for David Cassidy's acclaimed Las Vegas production "EFX." Shortly afterwards she discovered the art of Capoeira while living in New York and began training under the instruction of Mestre Caxias as well as under the supervision of Mestre Boneco in Los Angeles.

Embracing her newfound passion, Borboleta excelled quickly over the years and her love and devotion to the art soon reached a level to where she was ready to begin teaching students of her own. Returning to the state where she was born and raised, Borboleta currently conducts Arizona's leading Capoeira institution, Grupo Capoeira Brasil Arizona.


Matthew Underwood, AKA Instrutor Lagarta de Goiaba Branca, has been training under Instrutora Borboleta for over 7 years. Although he has studied Martial Arts since a young age (Tae Kwon Do and Wushu), no other artform has given the same inspiration in his life. Capoeira has inspired him to learn the history of its origin and development, learn to play and sing Brazilian music, speak fluent Brazilian Portuguese and study Afro-Brazilian culture in an academic setting.

He is a Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies Graduate from ASU with specializations in Portuguese and Business. Lagarta received his blue cord and the title of Instrutor in 2009. He teaches music and Floreio class every Tuesday.


Mestre Boneco is one of three founding masters of Grupo Capoeira Brasil. He lives in Los Angeles where he is president and principle instructor of CBLA, the North American headquarters for Grupo Capoeira Brasil. Mestre Boneco is also the artistic director of Benc„o Brasil, a non-profit Brazilian cultural organization that teaches and performs capoeira throughout Southern California and offers training scholarships for under resourced youth.

Caxias is originally from Rio de Janeiro, Brasil and is founder of the New York Branch of Grupo Capoeira Brasil. He has been studying capoeira for more than 20 years. As well as teaching, Caxias has been a guest teacher and performer throughout the world.


Vai Capoeira, Inc. is a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide a space for the development, training and innovation of Brazilian arts for the enrichment of the surrounding communities. Artistic director Angelique Marquand, hopes to provide a positive, cultural community space where Capoeira and Brazilian dance, music and art may inspire self-expression and creativity. Currently, Grupo Capoeira Brasil hosts regularly scheduled classes at our academies throughout the world, as well as festivals, workshops, international conventions, and performances. For information on performances, classes, workshops, and everything Capoeira, contact us today!